HomeKimchi (Korean Side-Dish) 250 gm (Pack Of 3 )
Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )
Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish)  250 gm (Pack Of 3 )
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Kimchi (Korean Side-Dish) 250 gm (Pack Of 3 )

Product Description

Satisfy your taste buds with healthy & SPICY-VEGAN Kimchi. SPICY-VEGAN Kimchi, No-Sugar Added | Fermented & Live | New Packaging BPA-Free

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made by fermenting vegetables with probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Fermented food, especially kimchi, is one of the best probiotic foods to aid gut health and help regulate your digestive system. Kimchi is naturally packed with many vitamins and nutrients. Napa Cabbage Kimchi is the most common and known kind of kimchi out of many different variety.

Top 5 health benefits of kimchi

1. May support gut health: There is growing evidence that fermented foods such as kimchi may improve levels of good bacteria in the gut, and may as a consequence improve symptoms such as constipation. Including a variety of fermented foods in the diet may improve intestinal health and as a result support the immune system and anti-inflammatory responses.

2. May enhance nutritional value : The process of fermentation, by mainly lactobacillus bacteria, may enhance the nutritional value of the fermented food. This is because the bacteria themselves synthesize vitamins and minerals and the process of fermentation deactivates some less favorable compounds, which we commonly refer to as anti-nutrients.

3. May support heart health: Compounds known as biologically active peptides, such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), are produced by the bacteria responsible for fermentation and may have a blood-lowering effect. Compounds in kimchi also appear to help keep blood vessels clear of the damaging effects of atherosclerosis.

4. May help blood sugar management: Studies suggest that consuming kimchi appears to have positive effects on body weight, body mass index (BMI) and glucose management. How exactly eating fermented kimchi supports these beneficial effects is not fully understood, and more research is needed to understand the mechanics involved.

5. May reduce inflammation: Active compounds in fermented foods including kimchi have antiinflammatory effects that have wide-ranging benefits from supporting vascular health to improving memory and cognitive function.

Is kimchi safe for everyone to eat?

Generally, kimchi is safe for most people unless you have a specific allergy to

any of the ingredients. It may also cause some unpleasant side effects such

as gas and bloating if you are not used to fermented foods or high-fiber

content in your diet. Those with an intolerance to histamine may be best to minimize their consumption of fermented foods and people following a low-sodium (salt) diet may also need to be mindful that kimchi may contain high levels.

KIMCHI: 250 grms each bottle , pack of 3 , price for pack of 3 is  600/-, each bottle is 200/- rs.


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