About Us
About Us

Bazzinga Brew is subsidiary of MarketGalee Venturess LLP is an artisanal, hand crafted, small batch health drink company powered by a passion to make all humans healthier.

•We are group of individuals driven by a mission to provide a healthy lifestyle. Our Drinks are full of health benefits and twisted to cater the modern tastes.

•We started our journey in Georgia, USA as a home brewer. We are Hyderabad’s first and finest sparkling kombucha tea brewers. We power the second brain!

Press: https://www.indulgexpress.com/food/food-hyderabad/2020/jun/02/hyderabads-bazzingabrew-offers-over-13-variants-of-kombucha-25414.html

We started our journey in the Olympic town of Georgia, USA, as passionate home-brewers. We then brought our love for Kombucha in Hyderabad, making us the first and finest sparkling kombucha tea brewers in the city.

We care about and emphasize the importance of feeling good and being healthy. Our aim is to bring natural wellness to everyone, and we are extremely proud to produce kombucha in Hyderabad, India.

  • Zakeer Shaik, Founder and CEO

We have persistently experimented countless times, which now resulted in an unadulterated kombucha that is full of probiotics that promote gut health. And this is why each batch is brewed the traditional way – not pasteurized, not diluted, and with no added sugars in the second fermentation. 

"We pledge authenticity and no artificial sweetener"


We aspire to transform the Indian snack and beverage industry into a healthy, transparent and sustainable local chain.


We aim to achieve our vision by educating consumers, providing healthy options – guilt-free products we can give to our children, transforming category after category.

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